Honest to blog.

  Showgirls, Bound, and Species, oh my. Cable T.V. was good to me growing up. Once upon a time when On Demand was in the form of a VHS Cassette player with a tiny red button. I remember the first time I was labeled bisexual in high school. My response was, “people who call themselves bi are just greedy, I hate labels.” I hated film class too. I dropped every film class I ever took in college and sold back the books for gas money. Unleaded dinosaur spirits ran about $1.57 in The S.F. Bay Area those days. Minimum wage was just about to go up to $5.75. The cost of community college was going up from $11 per unit to $22 a unit and then $33 the following year. I will be thirty two at the end of this month of Hallmarked love. It’s been quite an interesting decade and a half or so we’ve been having. But it seemed to have brought feminism and L7 back from the dead, so that’s fucking cool. I recall my second gynecologist asking me if I had ever experimented with someone of the same sex. I laughed because I thought it was the most ridiculously structured sentence I’d ever been asked in my life, and when I responded affirmatively the response was even more laughable when it was, “I thought so.” What kind of response is that?! I’ll tell you, it’s response I got from a 19 year old dishwasher, and a doctor, a fucking lady parts doctor.

   Chasing Amy was my jam when it came out. Kevin Smith helped make the 90’s more bearable at times.  Haven’t been up to date since Clerks 2 though. I let go of cable T.V. a number of years ago pretty much since the dawn of Octomom and when Conan O’Brien was thwarted by NBC to be legally prohibited from being funny on television. I decided to unplug. Did catch Conan live though when he came to S.F. on tour, the show was hilarious, and had the life altering experience of Reggie Watts opening the show, blew my mind! So after that the only thing I missed about T.V. was The Daily Show and occasionally The Food Network. But the best part about living in twenty-fifteen is I can be digitally spoon fed all the news I want now, when I want it, how I want it, and where I want it. Just like the amazing space age fact that Elizabeth Berkley got back into her “Jessie jeans” for The Jimmy Fallon Show and will be sitting in my hot little hand for my viewing pleasure when I am ready for it. I see Jon Stewart is signing off from The Daily Show. Shit, I remember when Craig Kilborn used to host that show. The Daily Show will live on, and so will Jon. He ain’t going no where y’all. His kids will grow up a bit more and then he and Chris Rock will take a run on the same ticket for The U.S. Presidency, or at the very least the sequel will be out before my kid graduates high school. Here’s to keeping the faith. Oh and I must share, just because someone “likes” it on Facebook, don’t mean they read it, it just means they’re highly optimistic.