Serial Coated.

The present foretold
Serial coated
Brightly colored
Connecting dots
Gazed to a sheen
For all those in line
Italicized and bold 
Margin of Eros
Ancestral decree
touching forever 
Quenched those from before
Internalized we
engrossed enabled me
I keep it as a reminder of all the notes in between
Born free
Over turn, over pass
The goddess’s junction
fleeting fast
No more mountain made valleys
No more forest for the trees
that’s left is the muttering of those too bright to see
Each current awakening
Tethered to here
I’m not there
Unbearable lightness for none to
Each phrase holds just enough static, fluff, and gut.
Whose counting the stars they bare? 
By-product unfolding each link 
Let her re-purpose a
weakened disposition
Shots fired at the slate to clean
Circus made prose all
eyes on me
Faith is only belief unseen
Aspiring tenderloin tissue with no
turning back
Newtonian revels into a new unionized sack
Plucking the picture
menu made to order
Ascending the rules only to countdown
Numbering time
Fitted sideways sublime
Unaware of the masks made blind