Art Mob is Here.

Writing this blog has been utterly cathartic for me. When it’s the universe speaking through you it’s overwhelming and exhausting when it leaks through the fractures. Transmitting and receiving coded chaos. I write a post on this Blogger when I feel moved to. Having this free platform on a global stage opened me back up to others. 
I love sharing. I love that whenever possible I get to continue to produce a life and media that’s function is to engage, entertain, and educate with the tools and good people I know that make it all possible. 

I am so truly blessed. Thank you to all who support what I do, and thank you for being you and what you do and perhaps at times, don’t do.

Thank you PoetESpoken, and Jazmin Jamias, and Laura Chanault for being the first featured guests on my new radio show SERIAL MUSE on 9th Floor Radio.
“Like me, love me, or leave me alone.” – POET E SPOKEN

Oh and if you would so kindly save the date:

Art Mob is here. 
Art Mob Presents Healing Arts
LIVE during Vallejo Art Walk
at IntegriTea 717 Marin St. Vallejo, CA

Friday the 13th
November 2015
Link to Facebook Event:

Art Mob is a group of creative individuals who utilize creative community spaces to showcase a living art movement. We empower through the arts as a common ground for human expression.
Art Mob is here to tether together talent within the creative community to unite an engaging, educating, and entertaining live interactive platform.

Art Mob’s collective mission is to bring together, utilize, and share a growing network of artists by showcasing live art in creative community spaces bridging the gaps of human expression for all, young in years and at heart.