I am Julie’s Ascending Colon.

  I was starting to feel as if my body were a Chuck Palahniuk novel. Cells speak, do you listen? Deep within encoded, penetrating, metabolizing, changing, living, dying, much to do, much to say. You must be brave to go forth within to download the continual cellular communal conversation that connects and unites us all. If parts of the body are denied then the whole is incomplete. Insufficient bandwidth. Decode, communicate, repeat. Did you ignore your gut again? Shit, how’s that working out for you?

The Artist.

The Artist at work.
The Artist at play.
These shifts.
These phases.
Some swift.
Some set stages.
Transforming fire into light.
Conveying messages after tones.
Endearing spectacles tinted beyond doubt.
Healed to make bruise.
What is it inside controlling you?
Prepare for seasons before renew.
Where is your focus choosing who?
Chasing fire into light.
Healed to see through.
Far fetching pails beyond sight.
Conveying messages over pride.
Healed to pay tribute.
Who is it inside controlling you?
The Artist escapes.
The Artist creates.
Abstract to extract.
These shifts.
These changes.
Some drift.
Some set stages.