Movement Insight.

  What happens when dreamers have dreams who go on to have dreamers with dreams of their own? Sundays were made for listening to “If I Could Change Your Mind” by Haim while watching the longing between my beautiful Black and Russian Blue cat,”Slim” and the neighbors German Shepard dog as I dance around. Then John Lennon’s, “Imagine” plays. I withdraw into my room and watch as I feel myself cry and I sing along with my reflection sharing what I try to put in words. Feeling it.

  The words in which we choose. Digging up, buried, behind, is where we find the past. I once wrote something a friend told me, “Hurt people, hurt people.” I hurt people with judgment and anger. Ills of old. Words are powerful, who owns language rules. I don’t consider ruling as I am mostly only well enough spoken in English. A common language is some kind of unity, but these days algorithms pass. Not complaining, I do very much adore the “Thumbprint Station”, Pandora created for me from years of letting it know my preferences. Thumbs up. I admire those who’ve taken on multiple tongues. Ah, words.

  Action inspires verbs, and as they say, do speak louder. It takes movement to heal. Standing, walking, marching, singing, speaking. These are all excellent exercises to employ for such movements. In this Age of Human guided by technology, I think perhaps sometimes we forget to fully feel. Where lies the Spirit of Human? Words are forged with feeling for each word comes with multiple meanings. Put into multi dimensional views, building upon layers while life continues. I was upon a time, once or twice where I was not in respect of life. Replace with reverence and a spark of interest and there’s no telling what reflects as each layer unfolds onto the next. Being here now takes precisely the opposite of what many learned traits led me to believe. Transformation and growth take practice, like learning a new language, daily serves best. Like living a life of awareness while being mindful, each moment is serving the next. Mechanisms of action add up, and the route of administration is up to the verbs you choose to use. Keep those dreams coming. Inspire, stimulate, investigate, educate.  

Half Life.

October 3, 2013 at 9:19pm
You felt we were grown
As you drove me out of town
You lay me out flat
As my suitcase stay packed
You thought you were a man
By standards just right
From one nuclear reactor to the next
I had my fingers crossed tight
Didn’t know the radius of the blast
Too many wires now
Trying to listen and record
Cutting wires now
Losing count again
Nerves shot
Lovingly counting down
Two years
Fives years
It’s almost time to run
Four years
Six years
Our time is undone
The radius of the blast
Disappear into particles of lust
Pick myself up and dust and dust and dust
It gets in my eyes
It gets in my mouth
Covered again
Highly toxic levels
Nukes buried
Ovals preferred
Only running in place

Fucking Simple.

   What happens when you utilize therapy to let go of some long held feeling? I speak for myself when I say, fanfuckingtastic. Inflamed with capability, that’s where I was at. Stress adding up, thinning, constricting life, suffering. I’ve found it to be, an energy problem, later revealed as inflammation. Lack of balance, lack of awareness. Desiring to take part within the intimate landscape flowing waves and tides we create acting as ripples past time within streams and connects, yes, more of that and yes. But how to get to that? That’s where I was at, I needed ahem, apparently, a vacation. Some would say mani/pedi. Some said pussy some, dick. I said, a damn hike. Each year I’d finally take that damn hike and each time I would fall quite ill. Still holding down a 36-42 hour 6 day a week job that I was blessed with, but by this time last year I was booted from the place I had been living and raising my son as he attended a local school nearby. After moving last year I was also shortly let go from my job. But so very grateful as I had come too far and continue to grow stronger regardless. I had found another loop I needed to get out of, like the prior survival mode loop my physical body had been trapped in. So much had seemed to have gone down in these last 10 years that my actual structure, fluid, and mass wanted no more keeping up with the past. All the stress, no release, stuck on repeat.

   Sound familiar? We block ourselves from reaching where we want to be. I found what I needed was to hold space for myself. After much practice and self care I opened that door for me, I was free. Free to express and recieve healing not just for me. What happens when you let go of some long held belief? Joy and then peace is what found me as I let those beliefs slip by. Those beliefs and feelings that no longer served me, dissolved within the abundant energy found everywhere, within and around all things. Sure, if you have specific visions that focuses someone else’s idea, that’s mighty powerful too. But imagine what happens when you let that belief disappear? Is it scary at first? Sure.  Is there consequence, guilt, shame, envy? Is there liberation, unconditional love, shadow, light, weight? The power is how we get to choose. There may be many layers, depths, or levels of other’s energy has been impressed upon us over time, shading, or adding light that projects these ideas through focused points, but ultimately it takes each one to make the whole. Every individual, variable, factor, decision flows through all, in and around me and you. Ask yourself the hard questions, you own that to you. But how to get to that? You keep doing, you keep trying and you will get to where you want or need to be, as long as you let go and allow it.

Upper Limits.

Time to synchronize
Tiny wings
Crest & fold
Presumptions astound
Into the ease of it all
Getting caught up in the lost
Where you always seem to forget
The teeth we bore
Fresh kill of perspective
Heads, platters, & disasters
And you choking on faith & hope come after?
What drives the dirt
As the restless soil abides?
Above what
As is below
Unearthed survives
With an involuntary twitch
We move mountains with a switch
Stolen properly
Private or publicly?
What are you going to do with the world at your feet?
Lather, rinse, repeat
Been called out
Eternal it
Grows too
Combust this
Expanding upper limits
Got you
Stoked this sultry revival
Reachin’ them baked feather heights
Tiny wings
Crest & fold
When this is all said and moved
Through the golden door
Sitting on the floor
At long last
She waits for nobody

Twice As Nice.

Manic stance
You left to chance
That part which deems, “this isn’t happening.”
They must be pictures
Anything involving swelling torments
Fractional lapse back
Relaying hints past
Foretelling truths and lies
Mostly swearing up a tide
With those eager eyes
They must be arrows
Must be closer now
Placing knots for feelings
What is it that you recognize?
Each stride
Counting ribs
Nips & tucks
Grants pass
From a savior
To launch past
Remarkable delight
You better think
Twice as nice
Bargaining rights
Come hero softly
Who can you blame?
Balance won peace
Between darkness & light
Wear responsibly
That which we put on in our mind
Cores of a deeper plot
Yes I got gold on the ceiling
Snatched & kidnapped for proof
Negotiating strangers
Meet me in the confessional booth

Don’t Panic.

Truly honest
Take the tonic
Chasing perfection down the narrows
Leaving clues on the glass ceiling
Together felt
Caked with meaning
Revolution going
Each mark, wall, pitch, and shore
Rebirth follows survival
Translucent, see through
Sounds lit up so bright
Refined to a point
Revolution going
It is by impression our expressions are chosen
Waved, leveled, woven, printed
Informing the breakdown
Cycle, impose
In balance, predictions flow
Raw data diet
Gravity stares
Teetering algorithm
Peeling gold off each feeling
Don’t Panic
Yet don’t avoid what resonates through

Broad Pictures.

A simple summation for the living. Perspective senses intent. I myself have been restless. Articulating movements. Creating realities. It’s what we do, it’s what we live in. It is you, it is me. It is how we are all connected, creating. You are the one creating. We are all in this together. Being is a part of something greater.

July 30, 2016