Know your audience.

How do you evoke time? Where are your memories? In the dance of life where are your muscles sore? Where is the source of your expression? All these questions and like a quest or game you’ll have answers. I went to my first NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) meeting a couple of years ago at a local chapter. I felt much relief there. Know your audience. We were all there to feel we weren’t alone. I was one of the last to share in the group that evening. After I spoke, many shared that if it were them, they’d be very angry. I was at the time releasing what I was considering, “righteous” anger. Anger is anger. The energetic root of anger continues to pull over time, keeping track of it if you will. Something’s I’ve learned from anger is traveling back and forth through time goes against why you’re here and your body tells no lies. Healing on any level elicits restoration at all levels; mind, body, and spirit. Fields upon fields, every kind of energy exists.
Key Tea 02-28-16
“Circles upon circles” Megan sang. When you decide to sign-up for an open mic night in San Rafael, CA on your birthday because it feels good, know your audience. Something I am fine-tuning is just that. I am quickly understanding who my audience is and is not. Three young people stare up at me with all the attention in their worlds. I acknowledge their beaming existence as I take my place on stage. I mostly didn’t know what I was going to say and quickly made an executive decision to not go full HBO. Know your audience. I love show and tell. Love and the divine feminine are good themes throughout all of life, especially at night and birthdays. I shared truths, smiles, laughs, gratitude, and most of all, love. When anger and fear is no longer rewarding and rewired with joy through self-love and gratitude the light within and around fills and feels higher, brighter. You are the audience and your heart is the star, know your audience.


Heart break. So much heartache, suffering, grief, guilt, shame, anger. Getting to the root, roots of dis-ease. What would Elaine Brown advise to do. “Put it in a poem” “Put a poem on it.” Or my favorite, “be your damn self.” She has guided me through my own abstractions many times. I am forever grateful, for it is even more precious when I know how rare those kinds of intimate connections are why we have all survived this long. Collaboration, community, connection and many more c words that make the world go round. Our earth-centric YOLO living lives have brought us back to the brink. We’ve been here before, but you are here now. Where is your source of expression? Have you experienced it, can you feel it? How may you manifest it? It takes love and connection. Borrowed for a time until come into one’s own perhaps? But let’s be here now. Write your own stories. Paint the skies. We are here now. So let’s shred tears of glory on amps turned to up to 11. Turn gun metal into art made by compassion, skill, and bravery. Make more commemorations of visages from history like the Berlin Wall, The National Memorial for Peace and Justice, acknowledging first nation peoples and honoring their expression, more of that yes, more of that. Peacefully protest and dance at your local dive bar. Instantly take pictures of temporary forevers and see if they’ll hang them in your local coffee shop. Captured are only the imaginations of limitation. Fashion your passion. What is your whole body dying for you to say? There must be balance in all this stimulating entropic state we find ourselves in. Right? So like Elaine Brown/Poet E Spoken says, like me, love, me or leave me alone. Happy Aquarian Age everybody! Get doing. Express what you must. And go support local artists, go to your local playhouse and library if you are lucky enough to live in an American city that has one. Stay tuned to an upcoming 2018 calendar of readings and shows. And defiantly check out Café Leila’s My Open Mic the second Friday of each month at 1724 San Pablo Ave Berkeley, California.

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Recognizing Venus

Like shooting fish in a barrel
Back at the same hole
Flying fish too can swim
With one eye to the sky
I’ve yet to try that new smile
The one suited just for you
Queue synapses give or take a clue or two
Much like space
Rendering time
Out on a limb relentlessly re-positioning
I hang like bait
Hopelessly pondering my own fate
I fear a fall my back may break
Recognizing Venus took the hook
Scaled fortune dine
No longer in peril
I seem to unravel
Vulnerable yet sublime