“I intend to be at peace with all life.”

I was unhappy with my office gig. Another dead-end job. Stagnant, no room for growth, just chasing another paycheck. I was depressed and feeling stuck. I had been here before, but something was different this time, I didn’t feel as hopeless. Deep inside, I felt big changes on the horizon and I wasn’t afraid. I told someone close to me how I was feeling and she told me about a book that transformed her life and got her on track to starting her own thriving business. She let me borrow her copy of, “Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting” by Lynn Grabhorn. It was a fun and easy read, confirmed a lot of my inherent truths, and essentially laid out a simple strategy for recognizing old patterns/feelings/thoughts/energy that no longer serve you and how to replace them with new patterns/feelings/thoughts/energy that you want. Law of Attraction 101; the magic of manifesting by focusing your feelings with intention. Be it your desires or your worries, by the “universal powers of All that is”, where you focus your energy is what you will recieve in return. I felt lighter with each turn of the page and finished reading the book within days.

“I intend to be at peace with all life”, I repeated aloud to myself on my drive to work a couple of days after I read the book. Still morning, but before lunch sitting at my desk I felt a strong urge to go for a walk in the sunshine, I wanted to move my body and feel my heart. The forecast called for a warm day and lucky for me I had just scored a pair of vintage baby blue corduroy shorts at a thrift shop the week before. Less than a mile away from the office I took a different trail than I usually did. California poppies in full May bloom lined the entrance of Anderson Marsh State Park as I watched blue-bellied lizards vanish from their sun soaked rocky perches with each step. Within minutes into the marked path I had chosen, I was overcome by a vision of a rattlesnake fangs deep in my calf. In my minds eye watching the blood stream down my ankle, my initial feeling was oddly serene, then immediately I began to resist the images fearing that I would attract just that. I laughed a shaky awkward laugh and kept walking. Looking to the left and to right of the high grasses on each side of the dirt trail, realization hit and I thought, “well, this is the perfect time of day for a rattlesnake to be just chillin’ right about now.” It all happened so fast. Not three minutes later there she was sunning less than a foot away. Within an instant I screamed at it, I felt the vibrations of the sound I created as they directed toward the rattlesnake. It felt like the snake was just as startled as I was, it hissed as it flashed its fangs and we both immediately fled opposite directions. My heart was beating what felt like a foot out of my chest. I sure got a dose of what I wanted alright.

The next day at my other office for work I continued with my intention to be at peace with all life. I felt more full of life and continued to let worries fade away as I patched them with new found and rediscovered heartfelt desires. Still morning, but not yet lunch I was sitting at my desk. My supervisor came into the building much earlier than she usually did, she stopped briefly in front of my door and said she had to print some things and then she’d be back to talk to me. For whatever reason I knew something was up, I could feel what was to happen next. Fifteen or more minutes later she came into my office and closed the door behind her. Due to no fault of my own, effective immediately I was being laid off. I felt ethereally calm. She was in tears and mentioned that I was taking it much better than she was. I touched her hands with mine and said “Everything’s going to be OK. Everything is going to be OK.” She gave me time to collect my stuff and return any company belongings. I did just that and walked out the building. I felt free. I knew exactly what I needed to do, it was time to follow my desires and spread my entrepreneurial wings. And I’ve been up to just that. I have exciting news and intend on sharing more of this journey with you. And too, continue to be at peace with all life, even when rattled.

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