Julie Voice as Serial Muse is creating a lifestyle around serving others as a Wellness Guide. This creative journey co-creates awareness to connect with our source of expression for ultimate healing. Would you like to be more creative in work, at home and with others? Do you have suspicions you may be blocking yourself from your dreams and goals? Our choices say so much about us. What is your relationship with food? Do you celebrate and care for yourself everyday? Health is multidimensional. Re-calibrate, tune in, and together let’s discover harmony between mind, body and spirit. Learn to use, manage and restore your energy by recognizing warning signs of exhaustion, and take preventive measures that nurture and strengthen you from within. Contact me if you’re ready and willing to move with ease into a healthful way of life & unleash your creativity.

Serial Muse Cosmic Volume I

Author, Marketing Professional, WELLNESS INFLUENCER, event Producer, speaker, Blogger, Poet, MOTHER, NATURE LOVER, Writer, Community Builder & Transformation Artist.

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