Julie Voice began with picture stories, jokes, and greeting cards as soon as she learned to write. Seeking connection while growing up within the beautiful diversity of the Bay Area, CA exposed Julie to many musicians, artists, and writers. She got her feet wet as an artist/band promoter and community radio DJ on air as Serial Mom evolving into Serial Muse. With a growing network of artists and musicians wanting to work with her, Serial Muse transformed into a weekly and monthly event producer in and around the Bay Area. She has since discovered the true artist she is. Julie Voice continues to unleash her creative vision wherever her path leads. As community builder, marking professional, artist, poet, writer, producer and mother; she shares her passion as a platform of expression in hopes to inspire and engage in broader projects and conversations. She now lives between Lake & Mendocino Counties and enjoys taking road trips into Napa Valley and San Francisco a few times each month.

Serial Muse Cosmic Volume I

What I AM, but never limited to… Author, Marketing Professional, Producer, Emcee, Blogger, Poet, Community Builder & Healing Artist.

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