Julie Voice was born, raised and still lives in Northern California. Said to be clever, compassionate and curious as a child she found solace in museums, nature, communicating with animals, and holding the remote control to the T.V. Mass media fascinated her and even though she had strong aspirations to become a veterinarian one day, she had an equal desire to take part in the loud and artful world of marketing and communications. Shooting for the latter in her own words she says, “I didn’t know myself so everything felt false, disconnected, simply not real.” At college and post she got to know herself more through the FM airwaves as DJ Serial Mom evolving into DJ Serial Muse on her own radio programs that featured talk show interview format with local and independent music. She was slipping into her calling. Serial Muse™ was born out of an ever expanding passion to connect and collaborate with creatives of all kinds. She has collaborated with many Bay Area, CA musicians, healers, makers, shakers, marketing professionals, painters, photographers, small business owners, writers, poets, speakers, and performing artists. This eagerness to create platforms for people to express themselves led to weekly and monthly Serial Muse™ produced shows and live events. With support from her friends she now takes ownership of being an artist herself. Continuing her educational she’s now a graduate of the Plant-based Nutrition program from Cornell and Dr. Eric Maisel’s Creativity Coach Training and currently works part-time as an Herbalist at The Happy Herb Shop in Ukiah, CA. She’s been driven to the core of her most authentic self and wishes the very same for you. While she pursues her own creative ambitions she is actively serving others as a Wellness Guide & Creativity Coach.  Check out her services and contact her today if you would like to move with ease into health, cultivating a heart center way of life unleashing your creativity.

Author, Marketing Professional, WELLNESS INFLUENCER, event Producer, speaker, Blogger, Poet, MOTHER, NATURE LOVER, Writer, Community Builder & Transformation Artist.

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