Why Poetry?

Why not? Sitting here pondering that question, I can’t think of a single reason not to be poetic. Of course both literally and metaphorically. Sure, literal poetry may not “be your thing” or maybe claim, “I just don’t get it.”

I began with picture stories, jokes, and greeting cards as soon as I learned to write. I enjoyed sharing them most of all. I understood a person’s creative gesture could create connection, but also learned at times feel more like alienation, this is especially true if that creative energy’s motive becomes co-dependent on other’s feelings and reactions as opposed to one’s own inner connection. But enough about my inner child’s first existential crisis.

Writing does something for me that nothing else does, it reminds me of who I am.

Does it occasionally bother me that I get loads of “likes” on facebook if I post a picture of my two cats and not a single click when I post a new poem, of course! But then I am given an opportunity to re-evaluate why I write and publish. I do it for me, but along the way if my strings of choreographed words inspire something for somebody else, well then, that’s why poetry.


I’m not sorry if you think what I’m saying ain’t true

Luck must be, passed these lips

Hand over fist

Upon shoulders, compact disks

Reality objectified

Shameless fits of leather & lace

Formatting time to suit

Tailor made bargains

What’s apparent, stokes equation hides

Well fed apologies

Digging holes to jump through

All it took was one rabbit to undue

Lasso or noose

Detaching greens & blues

I’m not sorry if you think what I’m saying ain’t true

Forming the sky

Hooking loops

Red handed let loose

Earmarked profits howl too

Space emergence now

Recommending, who are you?

Known to suffer

Perhaps stage a coup

I’m not sorry if you think what I’m saying ain’t true

Your world and mine

Remembering all depends on the view

Emptying alters and formulating clue

Quote Me.

“Dude stop enlightening me I just want to eat ice cream and blame ppl!!! Idk Julie this one rings true like if Rumi went to MIT and was reborn a women.” – Jon Lafortune, Behavior Therapist.

Care to lend me your words? I’d love to hear your comment and connect with mine. If you have a moment and care to share with me a quote from you about me please do email me Julieahvoice@gmail.com

Parks & Refutation

Just gonna put this here… 
For context, Ed Voice is my Father/hero.
He’s been a radical of sorts doing his part to protect his homeland and the environment for many years and there are those who, well to put it lightly, don’t appreciate his efforts.
The following is a recent email chain to and from Dad regarding the Southern Humboldt Community Park.

From: Timothy Metz <timmetz@asis.com>
To: evoice@mchsi.com
Cc: Richard Gienger <rgrocks@humboldt.net>
Sent: Monday, February 27, 2017 11:30:42 AM
Subject: Re: Southern Humboldt Community Park, letter to the Editor


Go Fuck yourself.  You somehow made it through my junk filter, but no one respects you – you are a troll.  Don’t ever contact me again.

Registered Professional Forester #2601
Restoration Forestry, Inc.
1593 Old Briceland Road
Garberville, CA 95542
(707) 496-0322

On Feb 27, 2017, at 10:20 AM, evoice@mchsi.com wrote:

Hey, Tim Metz;
Gone out of our way? Wow! How much compounded interest have you made from the SHCP Tim? How much money did you make from that EQIP contract? How many more loans (accruing compounded interest) do you have with the Park Board?
If you think I have gone out of my way before, think again. It must be nice you can talk and say anything you want on KMUD without opposing viewpoints, must be nice. How come you are so afraid of having a public debate? If I am so wrong, it should be easy to disprove me in public, right? Its because you only know fear-mongering and hiding behind the SHCP corporate veil. 
From: evoice@mchsi.com
To: Kathryn Lobato <kathryn@sohumpark.org>
Cc: thomasa grover <thomasa.grover@yahoo.com>, leeulansey@gmail.comstaff@humcpr.orghumcpr@gmail.com
Sent: Thursday, February 23, 2017 1:18:51 PM
Subject: Southern Humboldt Community Park, letter to the Editor

Dear Kathryn Lobato, Executive Director, Southern Humboldt Community Park;
So I listened to your interview on KMUD with Tom & Charlie on the HUMCPR show and I am trying to understand why you keep making a point that Tooby Memorial Park is zoned AE and it was a County Park for 50 years while zoned AE and then think its funny that the County used it as a County Park while zoned AE. I don’t get it, what is your point?

How come you don’t tell the public you only need the rezone and change in land use classification because of your Conditional Use Permit Application to have events, aka, commercial concerts, festivals and private boogie parties? When Tooby Memorial Park was apart of the County Park system (1967-2004), it was only open from sun-up to sun-down and no overnight parking or camping, no open fires pits, no amplified music, no commercial use and no alcoholic beverages, which is why it was never rezoned. Which is the complete opposite of what the Park Board is requesting and why you need the property rezoned and re-classified for land use! The County has already told you this many many times, going back to 2001, that because of the magnitude and scope of the public assembly and commercial events the Park Board is proposing, you would need to rezone the property accordingly. If all you wanted was low impact activities and impromptu recreation that was allowed at Tooby Memorial Park when operated as a County Park, none of this would be required, but you don’t tell the public these facts, do you?
And lets not forget that it was the Park Board that wanted to take over ownership and operation of Tooby Memorial Park from the County in 2004, not the other way around. In fact, the Tooby Family objected to it! I did attend those meetings in 2004 and I can send you the documents if you want…
It would seem the Park Board does not want to disclose these facts, only what you think the community wants to hear or use alternative facts to make your case. These were all the same issues the community had in the beginning, back in 2001 when Dazey & Mateel tried to move Summer Arts down to the Park, nothing has changed, you are still the same secretive organization you were back in 2001. Think about it, you are a private/self appointed not-for-profit public benefit and public charity tax exempt organization, how oxymoron is that?
The other sad part of this discussion with Tom & Charlie; was the hypocritical way Tom talked about the process, which as Tom knows and wrote “This document was written in the back room with no real input from the public”. He is quoted here from many letters he sent to the Planning Department concerning the County GPU and DEIR. Let alone the amount of letters from HUMCPR asking for the same thing. I guess asking for “real input from the the public” is out of the question when it comes to the Park Board? Do as I say, not as I do???
I had thought HUMCRP was formed for the following reason:
“The Humboldt Coalition for Property Rights is dedicated to preserving the rural lifestyle that has been the historic tradition of Humboldt County. We will aggressively pursue the right to allow all members of our community a broad choice of alternatives for living, working, and recreating in our beautiful rural home. HumCPR will actively monitor and oppose actions that erode property rights or diminish the economic viability of our community.”
I guess this statement is only for some property owners, not all, is that right?
Kathryn, add up all the closed door meeting you have had with the County since 2010, all the private backroom deals you have had with Planning Directors, Staff and Supervisors, all the phone conference meetings and emails the Park Board has made outside of a public meeting and then add up all the public meetings you have had concerning the GPA/CUP/DEIR and let me know what you come up with…
Here are the facts; from September 2010 to today, the Park Board has never had a public board meeting open to the public, and only once back in 2009 (Redway School Meeting) had a meeting open to the public to openly discuss your GPA/CUP/DEIR.
What are the “Guiding Principles” of the Southern Humboldt Community Park? And why do you ignore over 600 people in the community that do not want this? If you want this, your going to work for it every step of the way, And unlike the Park Board I am trying to protect the river, open space, habitat, wetlands and eco-systems from becoming a private Rent-A-Park and development scheme.
See you on March 28th,
Ed Voice

Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love.

Serial Muse Chronicles Part I: The Unifying Theory of She
Book & E-Book out Spring 2017.

To help others navigate this man made world. That is a passion I hold. Mankind has existed they say with carbon dating about 1.8 million years. I Googled “Age of Human” and it says the modern form of human evolved
about 200,000 years ago. 4.6 billion years ago our home planet of Earth was born, third rock from our G2V star that bestows life to everything on it. The delicate dance of the cosmos, where do we cut in? Our heavy matter
compounded over time. My brother once said I at times sound like a crazy person on the internet. I am grateful someone’s listening. Thank you for reading. I can only imagine the world of pain and confusion the family of a young woman who didn’t know who she was when she waltzed out into it, married and pregnant, homeowner to foreclosure and soon divorced with child in tow. I can only imagine, because those are all stories, not real though maybe true. We live a multidimensional life. Where you chose to thrive or die is ultimately up to you. Over time and what you hold to it, how it is impressed upon and how essence defines your time. All that is really, life is what you make it. Create, do, sing, dance, love, hate, laugh, destroy, communicate, make, follow, live, lead; all are verbs we can all choose. What’s it to you?

   Right and wrong, good and bad. Totally subjective, they are neither what we are nor what it is to be. Facts followed by verbs are a great way to move. In what direction and progress for whom? Whichever way, moving is where we are always headed. From head to heart, whatever, may your core find its start. Less Religulous and perhaps be on to loving thy neighbor. I’ll keep on keeping on chasing some blind form of unity, for it is only when this Human Age unites will we all truly be free.
Julie Voice, Serial Muse

This is now.


  I found comfort in the fact that, none of this is new. Maybe to me, maybe to you, but I assure us all, this ain’t nothing new. On the verge of publishing my first book I realize I’ve published loads now online, but something about creating some physical proof seems to tip a scale for people in some minds. Creating one more thing to sit on your book shelf to be occasionally grasped and touched. I am absolutely in love with this collaboration for my first published book. Annie Hong’s images are to be occasionally pet and stroked. They pair magnificently with my poetry if I do say to myself. “Serial Muse Chronicles: Part I The Unifying Theory of She” happens to be a nice joint project I baked up awhile back and when I decided to finally light the fucker I called on Annie Hong to get the job done, and it was a wonderful experience. I learned a ton and enjoyed the journey and outcome. The book will be available to buy this Spring 2017.
Check out Annie’s work on instagram @anniehonglikes  #hootnannie 

 I look forward to working with more female artists I know and admire on this upcoming series. Keep up to date with all things Serial Muse on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SerialMuse/ and or twitter: https://twitter.com/SerialMuse

I will be performing “The Unifying Theory of She” in S.F. Wednesday February 22, 2017 at Sacred Grounds Café. Poetry readings 7pm-9:50pm. 

A Synthesis of Healing.

  I had boldly declared, “I do so love a challenge.” Oh those self fulfilling prophecies. When one says “lymph node” people tend to hear “lymphoma”. The Lymphatic System is present in all mammals. It is not something you hear much about in Western Medicine until is it clogged with dis-ease and may take a journey into cancer.
  I had suffered from lymph issues since as far back as I can remember. Another story from another time. We all have our strengths and weaknesses. Lymph challenges wear down the immune system and effect the whole body. I came across LaShanda Green’s blog, Higher Purpose Healing, a couple years ago while researching the Lymphatic System. She states in the blog post linked above; “Your lymphatic system is where 90% of all disease processes begin.  When this highway system is congested and cannot eliminate well, it backs up the whole “sewer system” of the body, causing  a lack of improper elimination of cellular/metabolic wastes (acids), as well as toxic chemicals and metals that have been ingested.  These toxins must be eliminated or cellular death will occur.” 
I highly recommend checking LaShanda’s healing and wellness blog and services.
   I’ve been healing from the inside out for a couple years now. People who’ve known me awhile have seen the difference as I feel and live it. Utilizing the fascinating Nutrition Response Technique I found myself in  Ukiah Nutrition & Wellness Center a year ago almost to the day. Sarah has helped me refine the right foods for my body and add in supplements and nutrition for specific organs and glands that could perform their functions better with a little more love, acknowledgment and support. Each layer of mind, body, and spirit are effected in their own sensual way of healing.  Getting to the root to seek, cure, and mend don’t just come from head and heart, but sooth it’s graceful healing process all throughout and all around when found that hidden power within. To heal through self love and self care with the help from knowledge brought forth through wisdom and awareness than it is health, joy, and understanding we see is always ours to give and receive.

Them’s my apples.

What’s the problem today?
I need a ball gown or tuxedo.
 Is it a problem?
No, it’s a fucking Cinderella story.
Is it your problem?
Only if I allow it to be.

We share our problems with our stories. Indefinitely reminiscing great recollections and expectations of the past and future. Snow White, Hester Prynne, Cinderella, Dorothy, and go
ask Alice. We find slivers of our stories woven throughout time, taking on renewed meaning with each embodiment.

My particular perspective happens to be is encased in the female form and perhaps conditioned through lifetimes of what that means and how that interfaces with not just the world, but the universe.

Our stories gather momentum, creating energy, tipping scales in every direction. Thoughts, feelings, emotions move through us. What is our problem today? Is it a problem? Is it your problem?

The Divine Feminine shares information in many incarnations not only maternal exclusively. You, me, doesn’t matter. It’s us and we. Look, here’s the big secret; the power of life will continue, Mother Earth will do what is necessary to create balance and achieve homeostasis. Once you and me become we, it is easier to recognize the magnitude of our shared power and shared insignificance. We live within and surrounded by an infinite sea of energy, sharing information in many manifestations. How do we use it?

I for one am relishing in my not problems and solutions. It is rewarding to recognize things for what they are and move toward broader solutions that takes on all  bit by bit to become whole.