Serial Muse reading event at Key Tea in San Rafael, CA. May 2018.

 In the past year Julie Voice as Serial Muse has written, produced, and published a three book visual poetry series called Serial Muse Chronicles. She collaborated with an artist she admires for each book. Follow the links below to buy the books today…

Click to Buy Serial Muse Chronicles Part I: The Unifying Theory of She 

Click to Buy Serial Muse Chronicles Part II: Fields

Click to Buy Serial Muse Chronicles Part III: Gems



Also available at The Mendocino Book Company located at: 102 South School Street Ukiah, CA

And available at Open Secret Bookstore located at: 923 C Street San Rafael CA, 94901. 


Book Trailer for Serial Muse Chronicles Part II: Fields from Serial Muse on Vimeo.

Serial Muse Cosmic Volume I

Poem’s originally published on my blog;

What some are saying about “Serial Muse Chronicles”;

“Dude stop enlightening me I just want to eat ice cream and blame ppl!!! Idk Julie this one rings true like if Rumi went to MIT and was reborn a women.” – Jon Lafortune, Behavior Therapist.

“What an old Soul, she has been through some things. Hell I have friends over 50 years who are stuck, maybe they need to read this.” – Poet E Spoken’s Mama, Vintage

“You lead the listener’s mind on a trip. There’s some rhyming in there, but not always conventional, I really love the metaphors. You remind me of a modern Emily Dickinson.” – Audience member at Valona Deli Poetry Series


9th Floor Radio, Oakland, CA I Hate the Color Red; Jazmin Jamias & Laura Chenault.   Click for link to show.                  Photo by Melissa Dale
Serial Muse, Lee Lee Ain’t Misbehavin’, & Poet E Spoken at Poetry by the Bay Vallejo, CA.



Shot by Roshanda Cummings
Serial Muse live on stage 2017


Serial Muse Live at Townhouse Vallejo, CA was a monthly show. Loads of great Bay Area & Napa Valley bands with fresh poetry by Poet E Spoken to begin each show.
Saturdays Community Coffee Tasting at Moschetti in Vallejo, CA. It was an honor to have worked for Fabrice Moschetti, a very great man & a legend in small batch wholesale specialty coffee.
Serial Muse will MC your event, moderate your panel discussion, host the show.