Serial Muse reading event at Key Tea in San Rafael, CA. May 2018.

 In the past year I’ve written, produced, and published a three book visual poetry series called Serial Muse Chronicles. I collaborated with an artist I admire for each book. Click the EVENTS page for fun happenings & follow the links below to learn more about the books…


Click to Buy Serial Muse Chronicles Part I: The Unifying Theory of She on

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Also available at The Mendocino Book Company located at: 102 South School Street Ukiah, CA

And available at Open Secret Bookstore located at: 923 C Street San Rafael CA, 94901. 


Book Trailer for Serial Muse Chronicles Part II: Fields from Serial Muse on Vimeo.

Serial Muse Cosmic Volume I

Poem’s originally published on my blog;

What some are saying about “Serial Muse Chronicles”;

“Dude stop enlightening me I just want to eat ice cream and blame ppl!!! Idk Julie this one rings true like if Rumi went to MIT and was reborn a women.” – Jon Lafortune, Behavior Therapist.

“What an old Soul, she has been through some things. Hell I have friends over 50 years who are stuck, maybe they need to read this.” – Poet E Spoken’s Mama, Vintage

“You lead the listener’s mind on a trip. There’s some rhyming in there, but not always conventional, I really love the metaphors. You remind me of a modern Emily Dickinson.” – Audience member at Valona Deli Poetry Series


9th Floor Radio, Oakland, CA I Hate the Color Red; Jazmin Jamias & Laura Chenault.   Click for link to show.                  Photo by Melissa Dale
Serial Muse, Lee Lee Ain’t Misbehavin’, & Poet E Spoken at Poetry by the Bay Vallejo, CA.



Shot by Roshanda Cummings
Serial Muse live on stage 2017


Serial Muse Live at Townhouse Vallejo, CA was a monthly show. Loads of great Bay Area & Napa Valley bands with fresh poetry by Poet E Spoken to begin each show.
Saturdays Community Coffee Tasting at Moschetti in Vallejo, CA. It was an honor to have worked for Fabrice Moschetti, a very great man & a legend in small batch wholesale specialty coffee.
Serial Muse will MC your event, moderate your panel discussion, host the show.