As Seen.

Watch the tube
Channeling surf
Right in the palm
Left in two
Handing ground
Fistful of weight
Speed of dark
Cleansing floors
As seen
Muted mauves
Woven thick
Unlike skin
Embracing a taste
Avoids waste
Renewables wait
Worth empowering
Distribution of might
Decorative logs
Lead to gold
With singing vowels
Stories left untold
Hope for naught
In fiction we trust
Novel struck
The paper thrown
Meeting with the maker
Hands off
Ensue and enrich
The candlestick blues
Capital bound
Prepared and drowned
Dishes the bowl
Jump over the moon
Before they run off with the spoons
Cradling thoughts
Pausing for the beat to drop
Using the right to tune in
Choosing irreverent remains and cash crops.

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