Doing Beings.

  I am so grateful for running water, indoor plumbing, my son’s health and my own. I said that very last sentence to a co-worker once, she replied, “it’s good to live the simple life.” I could go on, but I like to start from the top. It’s not the first I’ve heard that comment. Less like holders of time we’ve all turned up to be. Perhaps for some they are grateful for wine and chocolate first. Alkaline spring water, that’s the next on my list of gratitude. Yes, I will pay 99 cents per gallon to well over $4. That’s my water into wine. I enjoy and I am grateful for options. We have choices and options how to use our life force. It is good to enjoy the simple life.

  I am currently thirty-three years old. I used to think I would only make it this far in my current form. No joke. A writer once told me perhaps I’d read far too much into Jesus thing. Yeah, well, even with all the therapy in the world, I have decided I just don’t need to know. It started when I was nine. I thought this may be my last year on Earth. But who would’ve thought it would be for so many others, so many. 2016 was very much a revival and rebirth for me after years of a severe sense of imbalance.

  A few years back during my divorce I decided movement would be the best thing for me. I moved myself into a new home, I learned how to hula hoop, I made new friends, I took a couple belly dancing classes, I did my best to create a community of support around me, I moved on with my life. More than words, it was my actions that was vital and necessary to bring me to where I am now. Doing me.

  I am going to say it again. Movement is here. We are quickly learning this New Age has something in store of us all. Changes are always in flux. How do you use your life force, work force, thought force? Where do you pour your focused energy? Do it to it. It’s 2017, the future is now. How is that working out for yah? What are you going to do about it? I know I need to be present moving forward and I will continue grow and keep the spirit alive. Being the best me and doing the changes I want to see. Here’s looking at you, twenty-seventeen.

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