A Paddle-steamer in the Storm by JMW Turner circa 1841 Public Domain


Where do you go when I close my eyes? Take a breath between the sounds of far off cries. Shall I fall apart from head to heart? Kundalini’s poignant slither pulling roots from top hats. Who’s side of the Mississippi River? Salutations my dear, have you seen love hanging around here? Last seen between anger and sorrow. Gems of blues leaving for tomorrow. Don’t take that sparkle too far. Let me be your loadstar. Like a gleam, present holds all you can dream. I’ll make room from port to bow, oh what I allowed allowed allowed. Aloud with voices, turned on choices all the while inflammatory thinking ships into a crawl sinking bliss worse of all. Take me dreamboat, nave of here & now, sailing liquid time. Surrendering waves, oh what a paradigm.

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