For The Birds.

 Why are we so quick to think we are not birds?
 Mylar balloons and stained glass windows are all I need as proof
 Intimately seeking a higher route
 Follow the light
 No need to be set free
 Clipped wings tendency
 Flight upheld
 Note the direction
 The truth in my eyes can see for miles
 In my realm I travel up levels
 Up and up
 Shortcuts don’t teleport
 Governed lands hatch options
 Stashed the knowledge I’ve carried thus far
 Not ready to beam up just yet
 Still resourcing re-con
 Traveling through time
 Cauterizing the line
 Ribbons of brilliant fragments
 Swirls of before
 Steady the horizon peering through
 Immediate illusions break down when skewed
 Blinded by the true nature
 Shining spotlight for you
 Defining divine delusion to the pane

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