Fuck it.

 I do believe most people on this struggling planet are at least at, “Fuck it.” Happy twenty-seventeen. I am at doing. I like to give each year a single word to reflect on. Doing. I like to think it’s a subtler form of “fuck it.” Turns out I have been doing, but the thing of it is, you just keep at it, keep doing. Grow big or go home. Growth in any area of life offsets balance, creates moments of bliss and times of challenge.  There were once moments I would announce “I must love a challenge.” Be careful what you wish for kids. Sarcasm, literally knows no bounds.

  Amusing, challenging, striving, and surviving don’t lend well to a resume. That’s where my mind was a year ago. Thirty-something, physically ill a majority of the time, slowly becoming jaded and at my wit’s end. That encompassed most of my thoughts, because I wasn’t thinking of growth, I was allowing myself to stagnate in fear. There will always be limitations, but they don’t need to be held in mind. Growth overcomes many cycles. Heart and mind view doing differently. Listen to them both, do they quarrel? Where do your vibrations take you? Abundance in all things and thoughts how they grow.

Here’s looking at you twenty-seventeen, doing it to it.

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