Half Life.

October 3, 2013 at 9:19pm
You felt we were grown
As you drove me out of town
You lay me out flat
As my suitcase stay packed
You thought you were a man
By standards just right
From one nuclear reactor to the next
I had my fingers crossed tight
Didn’t know the radius of the blast
Too many wires now
Trying to listen and record
Cutting wires now
Losing count again
Nerves shot
Lovingly counting down
Two years
Fives years
It’s almost time to run
Four years
Six years
Our time is undone
The radius of the blast
Disappear into particles of lust
Pick myself up and dust and dust and dust
It gets in my eyes
It gets in my mouth
Covered again
Highly toxic levels
Nukes buried
Ovals preferred
Only running in place

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