Holy Water.

And when truth taps you on the shoulder
Who is left to hold her?
When she comin’ aftah’
Trapped in the stratus
Liquid silver flickers
Seals and ignites
Feelings over flames
Please standby
When tensions get subtropic
Atmospheric pressure starts seepin’ in
Seeking shallow places now
Where the aurora grows
Watch the glow
Swallow whole revealing
Rotate and twist me now
Cauterizing Holy Spirit
Catch your divine tears and keep it
Trust me where you headed you might need it
When you finally realize you lost in the desert now
When the well’s run out
The mirage’s generator is through
Two stroke pleads mixing now
With hallow bones
And five rounds to make peace
Watch the glow
Swallow whole relieving
Deceiving is believing
Rotate & twist me now
Aligned just right
Listen for the burn
Come hither softly
Inhale the mess left
Found that shallow place now
Reside in the residue
Cauterizing wounds as it heals
Flash that holy water now
But you left it in the lake
Time levees break
Nothing left to swallow
Only time to kill
And a hell of a headache

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