Movement Insight.

  What happens when dreamers have dreams who go on to have dreamers with dreams of their own? Sundays were made for listening to “If I Could Change Your Mind” by Haim while watching the longing between my beautiful Black and Russian Blue cat,”Slim” and the neighbors German Shepard dog as I dance around. Then John Lennon’s, “Imagine” plays. I withdraw into my room and watch as I feel myself cry and I sing along with my reflection sharing what I try to put in words. Feeling it.

  The words in which we choose. Digging up, buried, behind, is where we find the past. I once wrote something a friend told me, “Hurt people, hurt people.” I hurt people with judgment and anger. Ills of old. Words are powerful, who owns language rules. I don’t consider ruling as I am mostly only well enough spoken in English. A common language is some kind of unity, but these days algorithms pass. Not complaining, I do very much adore the “Thumbprint Station”, Pandora created for me from years of letting it know my preferences. Thumbs up. I admire those who’ve taken on multiple tongues. Ah, words.

  Action inspires verbs, and as they say, do speak louder. It takes movement to heal. Standing, walking, marching, singing, speaking. These are all excellent exercises to employ for such movements. In this Age of Human guided by technology, I think perhaps sometimes we forget to fully feel. Where lies the Spirit of Human? Words are forged with feeling for each word comes with multiple meanings. Put into multi dimensional views, building upon layers while life continues. I was upon a time, once or twice where I was not in respect of life. Replace with reverence and a spark of interest and there’s no telling what reflects as each layer unfolds onto the next. Being here now takes precisely the opposite of what many learned traits led me to believe. Transformation and growth take practice, like learning a new language, daily serves best. Like living a life of awareness while being mindful, each moment is serving the next. Mechanisms of action add up, and the route of administration is up to the verbs you choose to use. Keep those dreams coming. Inspire, stimulate, investigate, educate.  

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