Raw & Disorder.

   There was this one time a person confronted me at my place of work during a public event to tell me that they thought I was a dishonorable person. Said person went to nefarious means to gain such reflective insight, but the sight still remains. We feel and see the world how we view our own self. From enlightening to loathing, we mostly without knowingly hold onto the forms as if they’re our own. Sure, there have been a few folks who’ve feared my bloggery. I have no problem with that, for it’s not mine to have. What is your problem today? The problems that do arise at times that I choose to take on are those that affect the basics. Survival and safety are what we’ve been after from before our very existence. If those basic necessities are threatened in any way, humanity tends to take on a plethora of primal, unexpected, and divergent shapes and forms.

  Many creatures from human to protozoa on this great and amazing planet have their basics endangered everyday. In this age of captive time, ever increasing power to the few, and accelerating technology; it is entropy that will always remain constant. Disorder is more probable than order. If you feel uneasy, hopeless, stuck, and or depressed as a direct cause of these modern times then I say to you, do something about it. I call earnestly to those who feel despair to; write your local government and tell them exactly how you really feel, be compassionate and aware of yourself, learn from fear for it is an acute teacher, paint our towns with bold and peaceful protests, cry tears of gratitude for all those who paved the way to here and now, shout impeccable words that need to be heard, and most importantly create a safe place and share that space with all you know and hold dear.

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