I found myself a mobile platform. It had been staring me in the face this whole time. In spring of 2002, my second semester of college I was able to secure a journalism class; Jour 011- Introduction to Mass Media. Mrs. M wrote for papers all over before digital consumed ink. She shared the end of an age with one simple click. For our second assignment we were to start a “blog” and publish one post per day. I thought, “the future is here, but who the fuck wants to read my diary?” I was crass and ended up dropping the class. It took me more than a decade to give my own fuck and I’m OK with that. Blogging is an excellent exercise in self-expression.

   I enjoy publishing my poetry sporadically throughout my blog. It’s cathartic for me. It’s why I do it. I highly recommend it.  What is your part? Who is the focus? Where does your story take you? When will it begin? How do you feel? Again and again it begins with creation through expression.

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