Them’s my apples.

What’s the problem today?
I need a ball gown or tuxedo.
 Is it a problem?
No, it’s a fucking Cinderella story.
Is it your problem?
Only if I allow it to be.

We share our problems with our stories. Indefinitely reminiscing great recollections and expectations of the past and future. Snow White, Hester Prynne, Cinderella, Dorothy, and go
ask Alice. We find slivers of our stories woven throughout time, taking on renewed meaning with each embodiment.

My particular perspective happens to be is encased in the female form and perhaps conditioned through lifetimes of what that means and how that interfaces with not just the world, but the universe.

Our stories gather momentum, creating energy, tipping scales in every direction. Thoughts, feelings, emotions move through us. What is our problem today? Is it a problem? Is it your problem?

The Divine Feminine shares information in many incarnations not only maternal exclusively. You, me, doesn’t matter. It’s us and we. Look, here’s the big secret; the power of life will continue, Mother Earth will do what is necessary to create balance and achieve homeostasis. Once you and me become we, it is easier to recognize the magnitude of our shared power and shared insignificance. We live within and surrounded by an infinite sea of energy, sharing information in many manifestations. How do we use it?

I for one am relishing in my not problems and solutions. It is rewarding to recognize things for what they are and move toward broader solutions that takes on all  bit by bit to become whole.

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