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  I found comfort in the fact that, none of this is new. Maybe to me, maybe to you, but I assure us all, this ain’t nothing new. On the verge of publishing my first book I realize I’ve published loads now online, but something about creating some physical proof seems to tip a scale for people in some minds. Creating one more thing to sit on your book shelf to be occasionally grasped and touched. I am absolutely in love with this collaboration for my first published book. Annie Hong’s images are to be occasionally pet and stroked. They pair magnificently with my poetry if I do say to myself. “Serial Muse Chronicles: Part I The Unifying Theory of She” happens to be a nice joint project I baked up awhile back and when I decided to finally light the fucker I called on Annie Hong to get the job done, and it was a wonderful experience. I learned a ton and enjoyed the journey and outcome. The book will be available to buy this Spring 2017.
Check out Annie’s work on instagram @anniehonglikes  #hootnannie 

 I look forward to working with more female artists I know and admire on this upcoming series. Keep up to date with all things Serial Muse on facebook: and or twitter:

I will be performing “The Unifying Theory of She” in S.F. Wednesday February 22, 2017 at Sacred Grounds CafĂ©. Poetry readings 7pm-9:50pm. 

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