Twice As Nice.

Manic stance
You left to chance
That part which deems, “this isn’t happening.”
They must be pictures
Anything involving swelling torments
Fractional lapse back
Relaying hints past
Foretelling truths and lies
Mostly swearing up a tide
With those eager eyes
They must be arrows
Must be closer now
Placing knots for feelings
What is it that you recognize?
Each stride
Counting ribs
Nips & tucks
Grants pass
From a savior
To launch past
Remarkable delight
You better think
Twice as nice
Bargaining rights
Come hero softly
Who can you blame?
Balance won peace
Between darkness & light
Wear responsibly
That which we put on in our mind
Cores of a deeper plot
Yes I got gold on the ceiling
Snatched & kidnapped for proof
Negotiating strangers
Meet me in the confessional booth

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