Upper Limits.

Time to synchronize
Tiny wings
Crest & fold
Presumptions astound
Into the ease of it all
Getting caught up in the lost
Where you always seem to forget
The teeth we bore
Fresh kill of perspective
Heads, platters, & disasters
And you choking on faith & hope come after?
What drives the dirt
As the restless soil abides?
Above what
As is below
Unearthed survives
With an involuntary twitch
We move mountains with a switch
Stolen properly
Private or publicly?
What are you going to do with the world at your feet?
Lather, rinse, repeat
Been called out
Eternal it
Grows too
Combust this
Expanding upper limits
Got you
Stoked this sultry revival
Reachin’ them baked feather heights
Tiny wings
Crest & fold
When this is all said and moved
Through the golden door
Sitting on the floor
At long last
She waits for nobody

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