What a Load.

The more I observe my conclusions and ask, “Do I really know this to be true?”, the more free I feel to be me. It’s that simple. The answer is hardly ever affirmative, yet very liberating. I feel that needing to know has much to do with control, and when let go, poof, like magic I feel relieved.

My path led me here and for that I am grateful for all experience. Heart break is one force that brought me to you right now. Recently I realized anger still lingered in me, as it had for some time. Shame, betrayal, abandonment; these are all subtle forms of anger. Feeling unworthy of love, worried to feel vulnerable, afraid to let go of the past; these are examples of inward anger. By being aware of my patterns I’ve been able to connect with the love that was always inside. Yes, to be loved by another can be and feel remarkable, but not another can do the loving for you.

There are many shapes of heart ache, just as there are as many of love. Our world, this globe of Earth we call home with its many life forms clinging to it are all undergoing one form or another. Our hearts are big enough to love and break time and time again, it is ultimately what you carry through, be it light or heavy. But, do I really know this to be true? Nope, can’t say that I do.

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