You’re having a #humanexperience

“Good to finally see you happy.” It’s true, I am happy, but it’s not because of just anyone. It’s something I found inside. Actively letting go of thought forms that no longer serve peace within is good for the heart. Side effects may include; overall well-being, corners of mouth curling upright, occasional streams of joy, an all encompassing glow, and infectious laughter. I needed to discover and continue to unabashedly unleash my own happy self in order to be an irresistible magnet to more happiness. Make sense? For me, it didn’t always, but grateful I now do my best to no longer put my satisfaction in other nouns. Exercising gratitude daily is a simple way to forge an inner well of happiness.

Before I began typing, I sat here in my Great Grandpa Carl’s pine captain’s chair, crying. Getting caught up in happy is a pleasurable occasion, but emotions aren’t static. A dynamic spectrum of feels exist. Moments of discontent and sorrow happen. I had been trying to hijack my state of mind by thinking of reasons I am grateful and was about to write them down, but in this particular moment I gave in to feel and express sadness. My initial thought was to resist being sad and transmute it as quick as humanly possible into happiness. But that’s just the thing, I cannot do that without living the plethora of ever-changing, energetic, intimate human experiences. We have so many options, not always extremes; happy vs. sad, good or bad. Mostly just it what it is, but when choice is in motion, I choose to live out the rest of this spell with a smile.

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